The STAMPONE has been developed and manufactured by Stone Italiana using selected raw materials and the company’s exclusive technology. The base made of monolithic quartz has a thickness of 2/2,5 cm with a 50mm perimeter upstand and weighing 50 kg/m2, which is significantly less than traditional floors construction. The Stampone can either be a finished surface, available in the full Stone Italiana colour range or in personalised colours; it may also be used as a substrate material including natural stone, marble, wood and ceramic tiles.

The innovative monolithic quartz base tray, trimmed with a special aluminium section, connected to a light but extremely rigid base steel frame, “flexible” in the sense that suits a wide range of floor components and finishing specified, allows bespoke solutions to ensure at once structural strenghtness, unachievable waterproof performances, first class quality and aesthetical appealing design features.