ISO 9001:2008

Quality and Customer Satisfaction
This is the standard Stone Italiana uses to implement a business management and quality management system aimed at guiding business processes and improving the efficacy and efficiency of both production systems and performance. Stone Italiana’s goal is to gain and also increase customer and end-consumer satisfaction through a continual process of assessing and analyzing the company’s business performance.
The elements that make up Stone Italiana’s Quality Management System are:
  • Focus on customers and the market;
  • Management of company resources in terms of people, equipment, technology, research & development, know-how and staff involvement;
  • A process-based approach to every operation, whether internal or involving external parties;
  • A systemic approach to business management;
  • Operational control over critical processes and performance monitoring using process indicators;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Decisions based on sure facts;
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with customers and suppliers.