Maritime safety

In 1993, the certifications and certification bodies of the Professional Associations for Industry and Commerce of the Federal Republic of Germany established the e “BG test and certification body BG-PRÜFZERT". This federation is made up of the certification bodies of the expert commissions appointed by the occupational health and safety institutes belonging to the German professional orders.
Stone Italiana has BG-PRÜFZERT certification for its standards of surface flammability, which conform to IMO (International Maritime Organization) standard IMO FTPC parts 2 & 5. These cover:
  • Smoke-tightness, in other words the potential emissions of toxic fumes that could escape if the flooring materials and wall treatments used in shipbuilding caught fire;
  • The flame-spread characteristics of the materials used in shipbuilding.
All Stone Italiana’s materials in recomposed quartz meet the requirements for the A2fl-s1 classification for use as flooring laid by being fixed with a two-component glue. This means that they are non flammable materials.
Similarly, they fulfil the criteria laid down by the standard UNI EN 13501-1:2009 regarding their suitability for use as construction elements used for walls and ceilings.
The test methods of the EN ISO 1716:2010 and EN 13823:2010 standards have led to Stone Italiana’s recomposed quartz coverings attaining the A2-s1,d0 classification.