Environmental Awareness
Green Building Council Italia (GBC Italia) is a non-profit organization belonging to the network of GBCs found in many other countries around the globe. The purpose of this organization (which Stone Italiana is a member of) is: to encourage and hasten the spread of awareness about sustainable building, leading to a transformation in the construction market; raise public awareness and inform institutions about the impact that building design and construction techniques have on the quality of life of ordinary citizens; provide clear frames of reference to building industry professionals; encourage communication between industry professionals by creating a sustainable building community.
Thanks to a partnership arrangement with USGBC, GBC Italia promotes the independent LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and adapts it to the situation in Italy. The parameters for this certification establish precise criteria for designing and constructing buildings that safeguard human health, are energy efficient and have a low environmental impact.
By creating a network of the most competitive Italian and international companies operating in the sustainable building segment, GBC Italia facilitates dialogue and exchanges of ideas between the most relevant professional communities.