Environmental health

Stone Italiana materials are safe for both people and the environment: they do not contain or emit volatile substances such as VOCs, which is why they have been awarded the prestigious GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications.
All the surfaces produced by Stone Italiana for use as flooring and wall treatments have been declared “low emitting”. In indoor environments and schools, they help keep indoor pollution levels to a minimum and therefore meet the strict criteria imposed by the GreenGuard certification programme.
GREENGUARD certifies the products and materials used in the construction of buildings; the requirements and criteria for emissions tests reflect the parameters for construction and protect the health of all those who use commercial spaces.
The GREENGUARD GOLD certification concerns the materials and construction tools used in schools and healthcare facilities. Recognising that children and the sick are more sensitive to chemical pollution, the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) has developed a certification programme with even tighter VOC emission limits than those set for commercial spaces.
Products with GREENGUARD GOLD certification meet the requirements set by the State of California for use in schools and healthcare facilities.
In order to ensure that VOC emissions stay within the accepted limits over time, Stone Italiana materials are periodically tested at the GREENGUARD laboratories in the USA; this way it’s guaranteed that volatile substance emissions will continue to respect the strict criteria set by the organization.